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Las Terrenas real estate… We have the largest stock and BEST deals in or around Samana, Las Terrenas and Las Galeras.

October 24th, 2014

We, as immomexx – brokers, can and will assist you in your search for real estate in the Dominican Republic. This website will help you and give you a decent overview from what is available in villas, land and apartments. Our main office is located in Las Terrenas at the Samana province. And take also a look at the new SamanaMap: tourist guide and information in Samana, Las Terrenas and Las Galeras.


When i came here, in 2004… many sandy roads and many people talking about that Samana would be the future. Now, 2014, i can say that that was correct. I am still living and working here and every day i see somewhere changes/progress.

For our Canadian – French – Francophone readers we have a special real estate website in french: Las Terrenas immobilier. My partner Jeremie is french. visiter Las Terrenas. à Samana…

You can also find legal information and advices, as well as general information about Dominican Republic real estate and its most popular tourist, residential, and business investment destinations like Samana and Las Galeras. You will also find a special section for Las Terrenas and Samana Real Estate.

There are always real estate opportunities available in the DR

We have Dominican Republic land for sale in all parts. For example the peninsula Samana with hotspot Las Terrenas. Investment market is booming here in Samana and Las Terrenas. We have building lots, villas, condos, oceanfront beachfront hotels, apartments, islands, etc. Simply take a look at the right sidebar categories, and click on the one that interests you. Samana in the DR has its own international airport and the new highway from Santo Domingo to Samana is done. At this moment more than 120 km of new infrastructure is in full progress here in Samana – Dominican Republic.

By making these new roads, undeveloped areas like El Valle and Playa Rincon are getting VERY interesting. Not so long ago, around 15 years perhaps, Las Terrenas was only 1 small sandy road… with a couple of wooden cabins… Now its a booming small city with more than 15.000 people living there. immomexx brokers for Dominican Republic real estate.


We are proud to say that we are land hunters… Land hunters in the Caribbean at the Dominican Republic. We are one of the VERY FEW offices in the Dominican Republic that have knowledge of the country in every corner. Why: because we have been there, hunting for this perfect deal for our customers. We have been touring around on horses, choppers, dunkies, quads and bikes to find these properties/land in the Dominican Republic. This perfect beachfront land, this unique beach property or that beach lot with the famous wow-effect. And every time we are in a location we meet other owners and people. In every case we know the owners from the properties directly. And we know the properties. Beach land for sale in the Dominican Republic, in all regions, all corners and all beaches. We have: land for sale in Las Terrenas, land for sale in Samana, land for sale in Las Galeras, Land for sale in Punta Cana, Land for sale in Bavaro, land for sale in Sosua. Looking for land in Macao, we have it.


All our lots are located in touristic or upcoming areas of Dominican Republic. If you are interested in these development and investment opportunities, professional advice is available. We can help you. Our inventory of Dominican Republic real estate: homes and homesites for sale is huge. Without taking any more of your time with words, simply start browsing listings on the right at Dominican Republic real estate: Property images will speak for thousands of words. Enjoy your stay on this site.

Your dream comes true in the Dominican Republic:

Imagine waking every morning by the waves of the ocean at your magnificent beach front home. We have several beachfront villas for sale for example in Las Terrenas. Imagen taking a siesta on your own beach… enjoying the views from your terrace… We have your Dominican Republic real estate: your dream home in the caribbean. One of these places could be Los Nomadas in Las Terrenas a private beachfront community at famous Playa Coson. Villa prices here start at 295.000 usd for a 3-bedroom villa.

Imagen yourself in the perfect climate, in the warmth of the Dominican Republic sun with soft ocean breezes all year round. Enjoying Samana with its endlessness beaches and mountains with spectacular ocean views. We have several very good options in oceanview homes and oceanview building lots in Las Terrenas.

These dreams can become your reality with the help of immomexx in Las Terrenas, representing also exclusive properties in the Dominican Republic and Samana.

We have more than 10 years real estate and investment experience combined with residential experience in the Dominican Republic and can advice you in a professional way to obtain the perfect property for you and your family.

Owning real estate in the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer, and is quite affordable. In fact, the Dominican Republic is recognized as one of the most affordable Caribbean destinations.

With its very comfortable climate of an average of 27 -28 degrees Celsius year-round, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place for your second home, or perhaps relocate yourself and/or your business.

Immomexx is located in Las Terrenas, at the Samana – Peninsula on the North East Coast of the Dominican Republic. Las Terrenas offers rich culture, pristine land, miles and miles of beaches and mountains. Las Terrenas is considered to be the new hotspot in the Dominican Republic. Getting famous as well for kite surfing. Las Terrenas offers perfect living with shopping facilities and international restaurants.

As you view the listings, you will see we at Immomexx offers a wide range of real estate property types for sale. With beachfront homes, luxury villas, contemporary style villas, ocean view condos, ocean view properties, all types of farms and land, agriculture land for biofuel (ethanol and jatropha).

If you are interested in a property in the Dominican Republic that you do not see listed with us please mail us or call us and i am sure we can find the good property for you.

Relocating to the Dominican Republic:  We can assist you and help you in any professional way.

Dominican Republic real estate: looking for a business?

Looking for a business in the Dominican Republic? We have several bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, shops and bed & breakfasts for sale in tourist places like Las Terrenas, Samana and Las Galeras.

Dominican Republic real estate: everybody is dreaming of beachfront. We offer beachfront for sale in all parts from the Dominican Republic. We have beachfront villas/homes for sale in Las Terrenas, Cabarete, Las Galeras, Sosua and Punta Cana. We offer beachfront apartments/condos for sale in the Dominican Republic. We have beachfront land for sale as building lots and we have beachfront land for sale for developers who are looking for large tracks of beachfront land. Dominican Republic real estate is affordable for everybody.

Dominican Republic real estate and golf: There is still no golf in Samana… but there is one coming…. We keep you updated! Golf at Punta Cana, one of the most famous golf destinations in the world. We have golf villas for sale in Punta Cana, Bavaro and Cap Cana. Looking for Dominican Republic Homes: hat villa or apartments at a golf course in Punta Cana or Bavaro, we can advice you in your search for Dominican Republic real estate and golf properties. We have YOUR Dominican Republic home!!! Our database “Dominican Republic homes” is extensive and grows every day. If you can not find your home for sale in our section, please call or mail us. We WILL find your Dominican Republic Home!