+Tony van der Heijden

Las Terrenas Golf Country Club

April 4th, 2010

Las Terrenas Country Club is a very exclusive development due its size of 13,000,000 square feet, of which the golf course takes approximately two thirds. The wonderful course will be surrounded by the real estate development which will offer villas and apartments of the finest quality and beautiful architecture, as well as lots where you will be able to build your own house.

It will also have a European Style Beach Club in one of the most beautiful coral beaches of the country, a boutique hotel and a spa with the most innovative treatments from Europe. A medical center with a helicopter pad for medical emergencies and all the facilities required for the safety and comfort of its residents.

Las Terrenas Country Club is a world of luxury and comfort, a reflection of the most advanced concepts in development of beach and golf resorts that will offer all the services needed for the comfort and safety of its residents. We will also offer concierge services to help all our residents with their need form the rental of a home video to the organization of a dinner party.

Las Terrenas Golf Country ClubAll the residences will follow strict restrictions of design which would make the most of the vast space offered outdoors, that include extensive green areas, lakes and natural springs. Our residences will have first quality finishing based on the use of natural materials in harmony with the exterior beauty of the golf course, the mountains and the sea.

If golf is your passion, you will be inspired by the extraordinary combination of challenge and beauty of our golf course. The impressive 18- hole golf course has been designed by Andy Dye, one of the most important names in the world of golf design. Andy Dye Designs is known not only for the innovations in terms of high technology, the irrigation systems and the different kind of grass used in his golf courses but for the special interest dedicated to the conservation of the environment, integrating wisely the natural elements and the buildings.

This magnificent course respects the environment and will inspire and challenge the players with its natural waterfalls and its eleven interconnected lagoons that will be mirrors of water inside the course, for additional challenge.

Las Terrenas is a place where the combination of Dominican and foreign elements have created a very particular ambiance. The tourism that has monopolized Las Terrenas is mostly European citizens that have chosen Las Terrenas as a second home. This has increased the economic activity of the zone, being possible to find foreign exchange offices, commercial banks, excellent assorted supermarkets, and a variety of aquatic sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing, as well as excellent restaurants, coffee shops and delightful pastries stores.

At this moment (begin 2010) de construction from the Las Terrenas Golf Country Club stopped. As soon as we have news we let you know.