Beach front-oceanfront -water front-real estate-properties for sale n Playa coson

Living at the beach... A dream for a lot of people... and more and more difficult to find. The more people how have this dream... the smaller the beach is getting. So the best thing is to make your dream come true... before it´s to late or getting to expensive.
When you compare beach front land in Samana with other parts from the Dominican Republic, or with other islands from the Caribbean... you´ll see the difference. At this moment beach front and ocean front plots still reasonable priced.

All te time we have brachfront lots for sale: for example in Playa Coson, Playa bonita, el Limon, Cabrera, Nagua, etc.

Different kind of beach front - properties for sale in:
playa Bonita (prices 200 us $ per m2 and up)
playa Coson/Balata (prices start at 140 us dollars per m2). At this moment we have some very nice beach plots available in the Coson area.
El Limon (price range 90-100 us $ per m2)
Las Galeras - Samana - Playa Colorada (price range 40-60 us $ per m2)
playa Moron - playa Cana (price range 12-25 us $ per m2 / only large plots starting at 16.000m2)
At this moment for sale directly at the beach:
Playa bonita beachfront plot 3300m2 for 200 us dollars per m2 (free from constructor)
Playa Coson 2 beachfront plots from each 4000m2 directly at the beach with each plot 40m of beachfront for 140 us dollars per m2 (free from constructor)
Playa Coson in community 2 beachfront plots each 2500m2 at 175 us dollars per m2. With building obligation.
El limon directly at the beach in community 1 plot left from almost 3300m2 for 295.000 us dollars, without building obligation.


In Samana we have different kind of beachfront and oceanfront plots for sale. They start at 70 us dollars per m2. These beachfront and oceanfront plots can be used as an investment.


The Dominican epublic is getting the new hotspot in the Caribbean. There is still beachfront land for sale in this large Caribbean island.