Beachfront villas and Beachfront houses for sale - Beach villas and beach houses in the Dominican Republic

The dream from everybody... Go to sleep with the sound of the waves and wake up on sunrise and take a walk at your private beach. Take lunch or diner at the sea, or a little in the sea (the water is warm enough) Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic still has these possibilities. There are still some beach lots for sale, to built your dream house at the beach... In Samana you have other options: waterfront properties. No beach but villas directly at the waterfront. And more close than te beach. Constructed on the cliffs, a litle bit higher than the sea. We also have other possibilities. For example in the hills: overlooking these beautiful beaches from Bonita and Coson and enjoying the quietness from the hills... Beachvillas and beachhouses are getting very rare, so be fast. In Samana are other but also very exciting possibilities: oceanfront villas. These villas are located directly at the ocean on the cliffs. A litle bit higher than the ocean with spectacular views.