Have you ever thought about retirement in the Dominican Republic?'s a very good and wonderful possibility. Why retiring in the Dominican Republic? Because it's a bargain compared to for example the USA, Canada, or other European countries. The climate is good, the food is good and nice area's for living.It's a healthy place: always fresh fruits and vegetables in any season and time... you'll get time... time to enjoy your life... so less stress... "Maņana" doesn't mean tomorrow, it means "not today"! So eventually everything will be done that has to be done... but with less stress. The DR is not paradise, but it's almost as close as you can get. Beautiful beaches and gentle people who are welcoming you. You can develop your unexplored talents because of the time, more freedom, good health. Here in this land of majestic mountains and rolling countryside, you will find a gentle people willing to welcome you into their hearts. You will have more time to explore other interests and develop your talents because you have more time. And more: low living costs-affordable prices for real estate-good flightconnections