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The Grenadines: St Vincent - Bequia - Mustique - Canouan - Tobago Keys - Union Island - Carriacou - Grenada Grenadines map: St Vincent - Bequia - Mustique - Canouan - Tobago Keys - Union Island - Carriacou - GrenadaSt. Vincent and the Grenadines are 1600 miles southeast of Miami. The closest neighbors are Grenada (75 miles to the south), St. Lucia (24 miles north), and Barbados (100 miles east.) Temperatures average 78 degrees year around. There is no storm season because of the southern Caribbean location. St. Vincent is reached via connecting flights from Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique or Grenada. The island of St. Vincent is 18 miles long and 11 miles wide and is a lush volcanic island of steep mountain ridges, valleys and waterfalls. A half mile outside of Kingstown, the capital, is the botanic gardens, founded in 1765. this twenty acre estate was part of a colonial scheme to exchange exotic plants throughout the British empire. The most famous plants are the breadfruit brought in 1793 by Captain Bligh of the H.M.S. Bounty. The Grenadines consist of a tail of islands and uninhabited cays stretching 45 miles southeast of the "mainland". Connections to the Grenadines are via air from St. Vincent, or by ferry service. These islands all have lovely soft white coral sand beaches and clear waters, ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. St. Vincent and the Grenadines are located in the south Eastern Caribbean about 90 miles west of Barbados - the likely place that you would disembark then continue your flight to St. Vincent. The Grenadines are some 32 islands and cays stretching south from St. Vincent. Only 8 of the Grenadines are populated and 4 of these have small Airports: Bequia, Mustique, Canouan and Union. The remainder are bird sanctuaries and havens for hikers and snorklers. All are volcanic in origin, deeply embayed with inlets where clear aquamarine waters shallow up on fine white sand beaches. The larger islands include Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Palm, Petit St. Vincent, Mayreau and Union. There are some uninhabited islets and rocks including the famous Tabago Cays. All the Grenandines have lovely soft white coral sand beaches and clear water, ideal for snorkelling, diving and sailing. Although a visit to these islands may at times seem like a step into the past, there is a measure of one's pleasure that has little to do with clocks. Where warm breezes blow. Discover a beautiful getaway; a hideaway that is not as commercial as most others, but offers the visitor an uncommon vacation with plenty of variety. This is the land - St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The true boys of St. Vincent are men of the sea. This fact defines the type of visitor that finds these islands truly enchanting. The big island of St. Vincent has rugged mountainous terrain, lush forest and many uncluttered beaches and inlets that more than imitates an Amazon getaway. Yet the island is sufficiently small (133 sq. miles - 18 miles long and 11 miles wide) that there is never the dread of being lost to civilization with a good guide. This most fertile of Caribbean islands has been fed by volcanic ash as recently as April 1979 - and provides for its inhabitants enough fruit and vegetables to make them self-sufficient. The Soufriere volcano which is to the north of the island is itself a wonderful attraction for the energetic and adventurous visitor. On the south west coast of the island is Kingstown the small bustling capital, built on a broad bay between two hilly promonitories. From Kingstown, highways wind their way northward along both coasts: the Atlantic or Windward coast is rugged, with pounding surf and rocky shores, providing dramatic landscapes; the Caribbean or Leeward coast offers spectacular scenery and most of the island's beaches. The most beautiful beaches in St. Vincent lie along the south coast, some of the best being at Villa, four miles from Kingstown. Young Island Resort is an exclusive, private-island resort, just 200 yards off St. Vincent's south coast. With only 29 breeze-cooled cottages and suites, set along the beach and hillside of this 25 acre tropical paradise - you are bound to fulfil a fantasy or two. The island also offers two 44 foot luxury yachts for the use of its guests. Bequia just 1 hour from St. Vincent (9 miles). Largest and first of the chain of Grenadines Islands, the name Bequia comes from the Carib word meaning "Island of the Clouds". Many yacht people from the countries like New Zealand, Australia, France, Belgium, Norway, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Great Britain and the United States think of Bequia as the "Jewel of the Grenadines". Picturesque Admiralty Bay well known for the Seventeenth Century pirates and the British, French and Spanish Navies is now found dotted with as many as 100 sailing yachts and other ships of calling. The very name Bequia hides the fact of romantic visions of blue skies, white beaches and lazy days under a tropical sun and a tropical moon - unless you think of "clouds" as heavenly. Bequia is an island for the connoisseur. Very few Caribbean islands offer such a tranquil and beautiful location for an escapist's dream holiday. The island is just 7 miles long. Bequia offers a paradise complete with quiet lagoons, beautiful reefs and long stretches of near-deserted beaches. Small, beautifully lush, and the quiet side, Bequia has its own unique culture. The atmosphere is very West Indian and the inhabitants who enjoy a comfortable standard of living, are usually friendly and polite. Sunsets are very breathtaking and that usually signals the locals, fishermen, yachtsmen and tourists to the friendly bars. Once or twice a week there might be a "jump-up" - where admission is free at clubs and locals with tourist intermingle for a good time of dance and festivity. The food is exceptionally good and healthy - lobster, chicken and fish steaks, tropical fruits, fried plantains, coconut and guava pudding fresh each day. Mustique - an island that is 3 x 1 1/2 miles in size and is 1 1/2 hours sailing from St. Vincent (12 miles). Some twenty five years ago, the completely unspoiled Caribbean island became the property of a devotee of the island life, who then directed a gradual development of the island. In the years since, some of the world's most sophisticated beachcombers arrived, lured to this island gem by safe, warm waters, varied terrain and astonishing views. Mick (the Rocker) Jagger, David Bowie. Princess Margaret, Paul Newman, Raquel Welch, Richard Avedon, Tommy Hilfiger, and Prince Andrew are just a couple of the celebrities that live on the Island Company. For information about real estate in the Grenadines - Mustique look at the bottom. Mustique offered the new arrivals an opportunity to participate in something rare. The houses they built were under the direction of British Designer the late Oliver Messel and his sensitive restorations to ensure that existng structures reflect the lifestyle and taste of their owners. There was respect given to topography, climate and above all the relaxed, casual comfort sought by the members. Now the directors of the Mustique Company invite all to enjoy the unspoiled enchantment of the island. Canouan is about 3 hours from St. Vincent (25 miles). A crescent-shaped island surrounded by wide shallows and coral - A scuba diver's dream. The islanders are mainly fisherman and small farmers. However, with a wealth of excellent beaches and unspoilt scenery, Canouan is attracting significant hotel development. For information about real estate in the Grenadines - Canouan look at the bottom. Mayreau (mi-roe) has about 40 to 60 persons living on the island - again mainly fishermen and small farmers. The island is privately owned and modest plans for development are projected. The island is only accessible by boat and is approximately 4 hours from St. Vincent (35 miles). For information about real estate in the Grenadines - Mayreau look at the bottom. Union Island is about 4 1/2 hours from St. Vincent (40 miles). The island is approximately 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. The island has a dramatic profile of ridges and peaks - the highest is Mount Parnassus some 900 feet above sea level for such a small island - a little Tahiti. Because Union Island is the most southern of the island nation: St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it boasts the headquarters of the southern Grenadines. For information about real estate in the Grenadines - Union Island look at the bottom. Palm Island is just 400 yards offshore of Union Island - it is surrounded to the north, south and east by coral reefs - so access is limited to a launch from Union Island. Of its four beaches, the west - Casvarina is reputed to be one of the finest in the Grenadines. For information about real estate in the Grenadines - Palm look at the bottom. Petit St. Vincent is about 5 miles offshore of Union. This 113 acre island resort is privately owned and offers private cottage-type accommodation and a wide range of sporting and marine activities. It is almost surrounded by white sand beaches and has excellent anchorage for yachts. The island also sponsors yacht races over the American Thanksgiving weekend which attract yachtsmen and visitors from all over the world. For information about real estate in the Grenadines - Petit St Vincent look at the bottom.