Honduras Real Estate-Properties-Utila-Guanaja-Roatan-Beach for sale

FIRST COSTA RICA, THEN PANAMA, AND NOW THE WORLD DISCOVERS THE BEAUTY OF HONDURAS (Roatan - Guanaja - Utila: Bay Islands) IN CENTRAL AMERICA. With a constitutionally elected government, a long history of free press, foreign investor guarantees under the constitution, and a friendly population, Honduras offers great investment and life style opportunities. Honduras is a country of many different landscapes. The Bay Islands provide excellent diving and snorkeling. The Caribbean mainland coast is dotted by the old Standard Fruit towns of Tela, La Ceiba, and Trujillo with miles of deserted white sand beaches. The cloud forests behind the beaches glimmer with waterfalls and clear mountain rivers. Between the coast and the primary towns of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are coffee and banana plantations and old colonial villages with cathedrals dating to the 16th century. Buying your condo, apartment, beachvilla, real estate or property at Roatan - Guanaja - Utila: Bay Islands can be a very good investment. The real estate market is booming. 180 cruise ships arrive every year in Roatan and a couple of times a week direct flights from the USA directly to Roatan. At this moment real estate and property prices in Roatan, Utila and Guanaja are the same like 15 years ago in the Bahamas and the US irgin Islands. Owning real estate or property in Roatan, Utila or Guanaja is no problem. YouŽll be the only one owner, with landtitle. When analyzing a property-real estate purchase in Honduras (Roatan - Guanaja - Utila: Bay Islands), you should consider all the components. Those components include the cost of the land, the cost of construction and the cost of living. Honduras (Roatan - Guanaja - Utila: Bay Islands) has so many natural resources and a solid labor force that on the mainland you can build a beautiful home for $35 to $40 per square foot. The higher of the range above would include tropical hardwood doors and kitchen cabinets, first class tile or hardwood floors, nine foot ceilings, and beautiful bathrooms. Covered porches can be built for about 50% of the price above. Note: The construction costs suggested above are entirely determined by your plans, the complexity of the construction, types of materials, etc. and may vary. Also, this cost is based on you constructing the home with a general contractor. An improvement that already is built would include builder/developer/investor's profit and might be valued at $60 per sq. ft. in most cases. The builder/developer/investor is due an entreprenurialprofit for advancing the funds and undertaking the process of construction. Construction anywhere in the world has challenges and that, also, is true overseas. However, with a good builder, legal advice and contracts, inspectors, etc. the end result should be a beautiful home. Furnishing a house in Honduras is both a fun, creative effort and the best part is the modest costs. There are hundreds of small wood shops where you can take your design or bring a picture and they will create you furniture from mahogany, teak, or other rare (plantation harvested) woods. Take a look at some of the items available in Honduras.