Real Estate for sale Las Terrenas - Dominican republic

Samana, located in the Dominican Republic, near to Las Terrenas, has a vast selection of beautiful beach front properties with cleared and uncleared lots, private beaches with access to to many amenities. If you require more information regarding any of the following properties or would you like us to find something to your specifications, please feel free to email us at For you to know: The Dominican Republic spans an area of 48 679 km2 and occupies two thirds of the island known as Hispaniola. The official language is Spanish; many foreign languages are spoken in the tourist areas. Why buy at this moment real estate in Las Terrenas at Samana: Very good and taxfree investment climate in the Dominican Republic. Prices here are still interesting .New highway from Santo Domingo to Samana ready in 2007. New international airport El Catey at Samana is ready. New golf in Las Terrenas in full progress with real estate opportunities. New marina in Las Terrenas in full progress-also with real estate opportinities.