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Las Terrenas at Samana in the Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas: de most beautiful beaches in a spectacular envirement.Las Terrenas: still has virgin beaches

The almost island of Samana is, without any doubt, the most beautiful region in Dominican Republic. It was here when, some years ago, the paradise searchers discovered the pearl, LAS TERRENAS.

We reach the small fishing village by taking the road that winds by the mountain after Sánchez. Once we have crossed the Samana mountain range, that offers a breathtaking bay view, we arrive to the heart of the « pueblo ».

In Las Terrenas, one plunges to the « whales », those rocks standing out as enormous cetaceans. We can go along kilometers of white sand beaches, walking or riding.

In the seashore, the restaurants and hotels are small structures completely integrated into the landscape. Hidden in the coconuts palms, constructions do not alter the beauty and peace of the place. Las Terrenas does not lose its heart in modernity.

Quads and bikes are the most common transport. But you can also rent a « moto concho » service that will take you from one side of the village to the other with its noisy engine. For a more classic option you can also rent a 4 wheel drive or a mountain bike.

The village of Las Terrenas is an anthill where everybody finds his own place very quickly : The beaches, the small restaurants, the colmados, and the night bars, the fabulous kindness of the Dominican, and also the freezed served local beer, the fresh fruits juices, the yuca pancakes, the fresh fish bought at the fishermen’s arrival… everything contributes to create a cozy environment that sometimes is very difficult to conceive by the tourists each day more numerous.

The fishermen village

Yesterday the fishermen lived in the multicolored houses bordering the beach. Today the night bars and restaurants have turned this place in the « connection » point where, at night, one can taste, almost touching the water, a coconut fish or small lobsters.

Now the fishermen prepare their boats one hundred meters away. If we walk around one in the afternoon we will be able to see the return of the boats. It is then when we can buy the fresh fish, just taken from the ocean.

The Costanera Paseo is located in the heart of Las Terrenas village. The Tainos indians had chosen this place as their district. Today the multicolor construction with the cane roof is closing around a courtyard and a fountain. It includes fashion stores, the bank, the quemistry and other services. The European (the European community in Las Terrenas is around 2.000 people) meet here for the morning coffee or the appetizer.

Beachroad at playa Las Balenas in Las Terrenas at SamanaLas Terrenas’ potential to become a world class destination (Article from at 19th aug 2005)

SAMANA.- When compared to its beaches and natural beauty, the streets of Las Terrenas, Samana province reveals an unbalanced between its development of the tourist projects and the state of urban sprawl.

The absence of an urban master plan, improvements and asphalting of streets and sidewalks and an educative program is needed to make the population of its to take part the tourism activities.

This tourism region is one of the Dominican Republic’ best kept secrets, as its beautiful abundant beaches, white sands and coconut trees are more than a match for its still modest hotel offering.

It has all the elements to transform it into a world class destination as an increasing number of international personalities are building their villas and vacation homes around these beaches, including business, sports and television personalities (mainly from Europe) are selecting it as their place of leisure.

A navy marina is already in the works expected to bring Las Terrenas on the same level with the Caribbean other high consumption tourism resorts.


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