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investment opportunities are the most favorable for "buyers" in years. Investing in properties in St. Maarten or real estate is very easy. You do not have to be a resident to purchase properties on the Dutch side of the island.

All real estate closings are simple and do not require a personal attorney. Closing costs are minimal and closings are completed within the time frame of the purchase agreement.

At this moment for sale:

Totally privated plot and 47 plots in a new project. All located at Dawn beach with view over St Barth.

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Property St Maarten

Very Easy To Buy: property St Maarten

St. Maarten real estate and property investment opportunities have never been better. There are very few restrictions when investing in properties. You do not need to become a resident to own real estate on the island. Real estate transactions are always closed using the European system where the Civil Law Notary (appointed by the queen) is responsible, by law, to both parties and is obligated to do a proper title search to insure a clear title transfer. A personal attorney is not necessary. St. Maarten real estate closings are in English within the time frame set by the purchase agreement and closing costs are minimal.

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