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St Maarten - St Martin property for sale

investment opportunities are the most favorable for "buyers" in years. Investing in St. Maarten or real estate is very easy. You do not have to be a resident to purchase properties on the Dutch side of the island.

All St Maarten real estate closings are simple and do not require a personal attorney. Closing costs are minimal and closings are completed within the time frame of the purchase agreement.


At this moment for sale:

Totally privated plot and 47 plots in a new project. All located at Dawn beach with view over St Barth.

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Property St Maarten - St Martin

Very Easy To Buy: real estate at St Maarten

St. Maarten real estate investment opportunities have never been better. There are very few restrictions when investing in properties. You do not need to become a resident to own real estate on the island. Real estate transactions are always closed using the European system where the Civil Law Notary (appointed by the queen) is responsible, by law, to both parties and is obligated to do a proper title search to insure a clear title transfer. A personal attorney is not necessary. St. Maarten real estate closings are in English within the time frame set by the purchase agreement and closing costs are minimal.

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Island-information about St Maarten

  • St. Maarten / St Martin has the only complete duty-free port in the Caribbean
  • Multilingual population
  • Fully equipped deep water harbor
  • Expansion of Airport Facilities Expansion of Airport Facilities
  • St. Maarten as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is an “Overseas Country and Territory”(OCT) of the European Community, and therefore has preferential access to the European Community
  • North Eastern Caribbean location puts the island in close proximity to the US, excellent for business travel.

LOCATION: The island of Sint Maarten / St Martin is located in the North Caribbean at 8.1 degrees North Latitude and 63.3 degrees West Longitude. It lies directly across the path of the balmy north trade winds. The island has a beautiful tropical climate with summer-like conditions year around.

SIZE: The Island covers 37 square miles with Dutch Sint Maarten spanning 16 square miles in the southern portion and French Saint Martin on the north covering 21 square miles.

LANGUAGE: The official languages are Dutch and French for each portion of the island. English is spoken everywhere and other languages like Spanish can be heard in addition to native dialects like Papiamento and Creole Patois.

POPULATION: The dual nationality of the island adds variety to this unique of island gems in the Caribbean. It is estimatated that the island population consists of 150 different nationalities, reaching to an overall population of 74 thousands between French and Dutch sides.

DINING: The island is considered the gourmet capital of the Caribbean with more than 300 restaurants offering French, Italian, Dutch, Creole, Chinese, Thai and more.

SHOPPING: A 100% duty free island in the Caribbean, St. Maarten/St. Martin offers the best shopping, including everything from French perfumes, Swiss watches, British casluneres, Japanese cameras and electronics, Italian leather goods, fine jewelry, porcelain and liquor .

NIGHTLIFE: Both french and dutch sides of the island are home to world class night clubs. From jazz to house, indoor demure to outdoor exotic, every night is memorable.

CASINOS: Only on the Dutch side, the twelve casinos offer sophisticated gaming from noon until 4:00 a.m.

AIRLINES: With its modern, clean and comfortable facilities, Princess Juliana International Airport provides air lift with numerous airlines as: Air France (daily) and Corsair from Paris, KLM (weekly ) from Amsterdam, American Airlines, U. S .Airways and Continental fly daily from Miami, New York, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and San Juan with connecting flight to numerous cities in the US. Other destinations through out the Caribbean and South America are served from Sint Maarten through a numerous of charter flights and smaller airlines. ,

AIRPORT DEPARTURE TAX: A tax of US $ 20.00 is levied on every passenger on international flights.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Tourist are required a current passport or birth certificate with raised seal and photo identification. St. Maarten is a free port for which there are no customs. No vaccinations are required unless special epidemic circumstances on country precedence.

CURRENCY: Official currency is the Netherlands Antilles Florin (Naf) for the Dutch side and the Euro for the French side. US dollars are accepted throughout the island.

ELECTRICITY: Dutch side 110 volts, 50 cycles, French side 220 volts, 60 cycles.

TIME: GMT - 4 hours. Atlantic time: 1 hour ahead Eastern. Standard time: Same as daylight savings time during the summer.