Marinas in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has one of the most expansive coastlines in the Caribbean with more than 800 miles of diverse ecological environments ranging from desert to tropical rainforest. Regardless of where visitors choose to drop anchor, grand mountain backdrops, white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters are sure to meet them.


Over the next two years, the Dominican Republic is more than doubling the number of full-service marinas, some with unique features never before available in the Caribbean. These additions are more than new places to dock ship. Several of these marinas are being opened in parts of the country that never before could service large vessels.


At present time, the Dominican Republic is able to dock yachts to 150 feet in length overall (LOA). However, the many marinas in development will allow the country to handle any yacht size up to 250 feet LOA. In fact, Cap Cana Harbor and Marina will be the largest world-class mega-yacht marina in the Caribbean with capabilities of hosting over 500 yachts.


Arrival Process
Upon arrival to a port, vessels are required by DR authorities to have all papers and fees ready for inspection. This includes:

·  boat registration

·  documentation received when the captain sets sail from the country of origin

·  a list of passenger names along with their passport numbers

·  immigration fees of $60 for the yacht

·  each individual passenger must purchase a $10 tourist card


Fees are only accepted in United States currency and can be paid to the port authorities at the marina. To ensure a smooth immigration process, passengers and crew are instructed not to leave the vessel before the inspection has been completed.


For those planning a cruise to the Dominican Republic, the following is a compilation of marinas that are scheduled to open in the near future providing increased accessibility to its north, east and south coasts.



Existing Marinas


Casa de Campo Marina
A popular resort in La Romana among the rich and famous, Casa de Campo's full-service marina can currently accommodate 200 yachts up to 150 feet LOA. However, it is creating another half-mile of stone that will host an additional 150 yachts from 50 to 250 feet LOA. In addition, the Yacht Club has recently added a sailing school with instructors from the world renowned Costasmeralda Yacht Club in Italy.


Club Nautico de Santo Domingo
Club Nautico de Santo Domingo operates three marinas in the DR: Boca Chica, San Cristobal and Montecristi. The marina also hosts several fishing tournaments and regattas throughout the year.


Puerto Blanco Marina
Located west of Puerto Plata in Luperon, Puerto Blanco is a fully enclosed marina with abilities to moor 200 yachts with drafts up to eight feet. The marina is locally owned and is known for hosting nights of Dominican food and flare for those docking their yachts. The Luperon area is known for being a safe zone for yachts during hurricanes and tropical storms.


Punta Cana Resort Club Marina
The full-service marina is located at the Punta Cana Resort & Club. With two docks and mooring for 43 yachts up to 70 feet LOA, the marina is well-liked with big game fishermen. In fact, this is one of the most popular areas to hold billfish tournaments in the Dominican Republic.

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Opening or Expanding in 2006


The area of Luperon, just a short distance west of Puerto Plata, will soon have its first ultra luxury resort complex called Atlantica. The marina here is special because it is one of two identified Caribbean Hurricane Holes for safe harboring of yachts during the storm season. Featuring a deepwater harbor, similar to that of St. Tropez, the marina will have 80 docking facilities, 450 marine slips, 260 super yacht hangers, and a cruise ship terminal, among other amenities.


CapCana Harbor and Marina
Located in southern Punta Cana, this full-service marina will be the largest mega-yacht marina in the Caribbean capable of hosting over 500 yachts up to 150 feet LOA. A feature of the 370-acre facility will be several miles of man-made canals and waterways, including a Grand Canal that is nearly 200 feet wide and 1.25 miles long, as well as restaurants, shops and water taxis.


Currently under construction and just a few miles from where Christopher Columbus first docked his ship, the full-service Marina Luperon will have 250 slips for yachts from 30 to 80 feet LOA and an additional seven for those over 100 feet LOA. The Bay of Luperon, located a short distance west of Puerto Plata, is a nature preserve serving as a safe harbor for yachts from many tropical storms.


Ocean World Adventure Park & Marina
To the west of Puerto Plata, Ocean World Adventure Park is adding a marina adjacent to its interactive marine park. Several interactive programs including personal encounters with dolphin, stingrays and sharks at the park make this one of the most unique marinas in the world. The full-service marina will have 83 slips able to dock yachts up to 250 feet LOA in addition to a helicopter landing, dive shop, casino and other amenities.


Puerto Colon Port & Marina
Christopher Columbus landed in this area over 500 years ago and it took his breath away. Naming the region Isabela after his beloved Spanish queen, the DR is developing this area legendary with pirate stories into a historical center. Puerto Colon is to be a port, marina and a luxurious resort complex in the area. The marina, rated one of the Caribbean's safe zones against hurricanes, will have 200 slips for vessels up to 116 feet LOA.


Roco Ki Marina
Just north of Punta Cana, another new marina is scheduled to open in November 2006. While details on the number of slips or length of acceptable yachts are not yet available, the Westin Roco Ki Beach & Golf resort will house a marina as part of its Aquatic Sports Center. Beyond the amenities of a full-service marina, the Center will also feature a lagoon for boogie boarding, excursions, sailing lessons, fishing charters and more.


Santo Domingo Sea Port
A new marina with capacity for 500 ships and the possibility of anchoring vessels up to 140 feet LOA is part of the country's Project for Revitalization and Expansion of Santo Domingo's Seaport. The marina will be located between Santo Domingo's obelisk, across from the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Park and the Montesinos monument.