+Tony van der Heijden

Samana Real Estate – Land – Investments

June 22nd, 2012

Samana…. several years totally unknown…. At that moment, around 8 years ago, i discovered Samana and moved to this part from the world. At that moment i came from a large boat trip. Discovered like columbus all the islands and ended up in Samana.

Why Samana? Samana was pure and still is pure… many beaches, from small to large. We have them in whatever size. And really uncrowded if you like.

And now, Samana 2012… Samana is only getting better. We have decent roads now, even in the centers from Las Terrenas, Samana and Las Galeras! samana has El Catey, a new international airport and 2 other local airports, El Portillo and Arroyo Barril. Samana has a new aquaduct so we always have water.

Samana has decent electricity and we have sun so you can use solar panels. Samana has now an international marina at Puerto Bahia. Samana has it all!!!

And then i started to sell real estate… Villas, homes and land. Now i am still doing that, with the difference that i am also buying land. After buying the properties i subdivide them and selling them. There is nothing better than land !!!

Forgot: there is a new highway from Santo Domingo to Samana and from El Catey to Las Terrenas.