+Tony van der Heijden

Samana Real Estate

July 13th, 2012

Unspoiled white-sandy beaches, coconut-covered mountains, clear mountain streams winding through lush, tropical rain forests, vibrant coral reefs, internationally known whale-watching and many other attractions, a vacation of adventure is awaiting your discovery. This is Samana in the Dominican Republic. One of the most beautiful scenes in the Caribbean and you can be part of this scenery… Buy your dream location here in Samana.

Las Terrenas Beach at Playa Moron - Las Canas in Samana

From the twin capes of Rincon Bay in Las Galeras to Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas to Los Haitises National Park across the bay from Sanchez to Samana in the heart of the peninsula, the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise will remain with you forever, haunting your memory and tempting you time and time again to return. “You may leave Samana?, but Samana will never leave you”.

So, all good reasons to invest in Samana real estate. At this moment the prices for properties and real estate are still reasonable. But they go up… a new highway is ready  from Santo Domingo to Samana, a new international airport (El Catey) is ready as well and the new golf in Las Terrenas the new marina in Las Terrenas some other very big projects that are coming.
The most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic offers at this moment the best prices in real estate: Samana. Real estate – investments in Samana are at this moment still good prices. Especially when you compare this with other Caribbean islands… Samana real estate is booming and since end 0f 2005 discovered by the international cruising holidays. Every 2 weeks big cruises arrive in Samana. for more information.

As of this date, february 2010, the new road from El Catey international airport to Las Terrenas, the so called Boulevard del Atlantico, is in full progress. As well 120 km of new road in Samana.

Playa Rincon in Samana

World famous Playa Rincon is located in Samana. This Playa Rincon belongs to the most famous beaches in the world. More than 2.5 km long stretched sandy beach. Playa Rincon has white sandy beach and unspoiled nature, mountains and rivers. Playa Rincon beach and its surroundings is for sale for investors. We can help and advice you.

Playa El Valle in Samana

Another spectacular piece of nature is Playa El Valle. Secluded and quiet this El Valle. Also located and the Samana peninsula. Around 7 km from Samana and you are ending up at the beach from El Valle. In this Playa El Valle area we have milions and millions m2 for sale for investors.