+Tony van der Heijden

Playa El Valle bar-restaurant

August 14th, 2011

The famous Playa el Valle one and only beach front restaurant from Josephine. Perfect fresh lobster-dining in front of the most beautiful beach in Samana, at Playa El Valle. And do not forget the famous “arroz con habichuelas” (rice and beens).  You are sitting really on the beach, enjoying your drinks and meals.

Playa el VallePlaya El Valle is located around 7 km from Samana main city, over a good road. The only thing, you have to cross a river… but the river is very undeep. No problem for whatever car to cross that…

Playa el ValleWhen done you end up at one of the most beautiful beaches in Samana or perhaps the Dominican Republic.

We have many properties for sale here. Oceanview lost, at the beach or combinations with beach, cliff and mountains. Whatever you want. From small to large.

New developments Samana: There are some new developments coming in Samana, more to Playa el Valle. For information on these new developments ask us for information.


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